Why I started accepting digital currency for my artwork

A week ago I posted this on my facebook page:

There’s a fun new addition to my website. I now accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for art purchases. Most of my new work costs about 0.055 BTC or 0.95 ETH.

The comments were entirely sarcastic, “What about Monopoly money?”

My response, “I’ll have to check the exchange rate.”

Which made me ask, could I reasonable accept Monopoly money? Here was my response:

OK, so i checked it out. Monopoly retails for roughly $25, and each set comes with 15,140 MM (Monopoly Money), so each 1 MM is worth about 0.00165 USD. My new work would cost about 605,600 MM or 40 full banks of Monopoly Money. Logistically this is too burdensome, so at this time I can not accept Monopoly Money, and have no plans to do so in the future.

Theoretically, I could accept full monopoly sets as payment, with a premium to cover the cost it would take to resell them.  The issue comes down to this:  I don’t have a passion for selling board games.  Anything of value that distracts me from my core goals has no value to me.
I could accept anything that is valuable to me under those terms in exchange for my art.  I have bartered with fellow artist friends to trade works. Their work is valuable to me. In almost every case I think I’m getting a deal because I can literally create my work from a pile of materials, but I can not make theirs.
Purchasing my art in digital currency is closer to bartering art for art. It is payment that comes in a form that overlaps with my interests. I doubt I would even withdraw from the digital currency market into USD, that would be like trying to sell my freinds art as soon as we traded. Doing that misses the point.
This prompts a fun thought experiment. What other valuable and easily transferable things could I trade for art? I love cooking, but the quantities involved are likely too burdensome, and there is the issue of spoilage. Truffles are overrated clods of dirt. Cheese comes closest to feasibility, but becomes rather horrible in large quantities. Spices last fairly well but few of them are valuable enough.  I can’t imagine holding on to fifty pounds of cumin for a painting.
And then it hits me:  I can accept payment in saffron for my art.

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